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We are located in the beautiful rolling hills of Bucks County, PA.

What are you feeding YOUR skin?

2010: Skin2Spirit was founded in 2010 after I lost both parents to Cancer - after losing nine of my parent's siblings in previous years. I realized Cancer was much closer to home than I thought.
I started to think much harder about the connection between what we put on our skin, as well as in our bodies, to disease. I began my research with Aromatherapy Soy Candles and natural healthcare (therefore the mind/body connection in the name).
2011: Shortly after starting this company when I realized there was a real need for these products, we branched out into a full blown Organic Body Care line.
2017: A truly Natural and Organic Makeup product line was added in 2017.
All of our products are great for sensitive skin and noses, and are made from the highest quality ingredients found in the US. Non toxic and free from harsh chemicals, they are highly effective because they are made from nature and what God gave us on this earth to use. I believe God's creations are more effective and less harmful than anything man can make.
99% of our products are MADE IN THE USA (exception: NaturLash Mascara, made in Canada).
The skin is the largest organ in the body, and research shows us that we absorb much of what is put on our skin (the verdict is still out on exactly how much). Some of the chemical ingredients found in many of today's skin care products just didn't make sense to me. If there was a more natural way to provide the same benefits, or better yet, more benefits, why were we taking such chances with synthetic (and possibly harmful) ingredients?
Fifth & Skin uses as many all natural ingredients as we can find. Sometimes it's not possible to use 100%, so most are 99.9% natural with a few more, a few less.
If it's not all natural, we don't say that it is! Read the labels on your products, folks. If you can't pronounce it, chances are it is synthetic. Many products that are labeled "organic" are filled with chemicals. Just because some products contain mainly organic ingredients, they can be labeled organic, but organic doesn't necessarily mean all natural. This is one of the biggest marketing lies out there, and it needs to stop. Most of our body products are made with Certified Organic ingredients and all are all natural, and it will say so on the label.
The main ingredient in our liquid formulations is Certified Organic Aloe Juice instead of water, to offer more healing nutrients to the skin. In addition, many contain Organic, Wild Crafted Super Fruit-Food Extracts from around the world to provide even more antioxidant protection and nourishment. Not only are the below extracts beneficial and nourishing for your body, but they provide amazing benefits for the skin as well. 
Most body products are scented with synthetic fragrances because they are cheaper and less volatile than natural ingredients. These synthetic oils are made in chemical manufacturing plants and can be toxic, often causing allergic reactions (some very sensitive people do have issues with some essential oils, although it's more rare). All natural scents are less likely cause allergic reactions.
We use NO synthetic fragrances. Ever.
We use Organic, Wild Crafted Flavor Extracts & Natural Flavors/Scents made from real plants to scent our products which are 100% natural. Most of these are actually gourmet flavors used in cooking. That's right, you can eat these scents in their raw form - it's not advisable to eat them once in the lotions, however. These flavors can be quite pricey - and we are very sensitive to keeping the price affordable for the best quality product available on the market today. These are as pure as you can get and usually do not bother people with sensitive skin and/or noses. They smell real because they ARE real. Smell the difference and you will never go back to synthetic scents.
Now that you know about our skin care and makeup, let's move on!
2018: We introduced the Alpaca product line - simply because we started our own Alpaca farm and wanted to share some of the wonderful products that these beautiful animal’s fleece can produce!
Alpaca products also fits with our mission to keep it natural, offering up natural and dye free clothing and accessories from this beautiful, highly sought after, cruelty free and hypoallergenic Alpaca fleece. Check our blog to learn about the benefits of Alpaca fiber!
We are adding new Alpaca products every day but currently have scarves, hats, gloves, socks and a new line of stuffed toys!
Our mission is to educate and inform consumers on the dangers of toxic chemicals in skin care, personal care products and cosmetics, as well as offer solutions with all natural ingredients (or as close to all natural as possible) that provide the same, if not more, benefits for the body.
Fifth & Skin aims to do NO HARM TO INNOCENT ANIMALS, therefore all of our products are CRUELTY FREE (certified by the Leaping Bunny Organization in 2018), since we also have an Alpaca farm and are animal lovers ourselves (my entire family).
Thank you for checking out our store! If you have questions, contact us at
Kathi Kirschner, Founder & CEO

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